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OGO provide best transportation service using technology
which helps you redefine the way in day to day life.

About OGO

OGO provides economical and effective rides across the city with cabs available 24x7. OGO integrates city transportation for customers and driver-partners onto a mobile technology platform ensuring convenient, Along with car taxis, OGO offers bike taxis too. Hop on an OGO bike taxi to reach your destination in real time. OGO will also deliver your parcels to and fro from your doorstep anywhere inside the city.

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Who We are

Our journey starts by thinking towards simplify and improve the lives of people, across global scale.
Now, OGO is the best taxi riding service provider in Assam. We are the experts in offering cab services.
OGO pioneers to provide high quality, affordable riding services with utmost transparency
in terms of fare and transits. We accommodates all your travel needs to deliver a holistic,
in-destination travel experience. With us, you'll be able to build a relationship where
we committed to help people in travelscape.


Our Mission

We believe that everyone wants the best travelscape in their day-to-day
life. Also, it's our mission to help faster and lasting relationships between
travelers and those who help get them to their destination. By uplifting
taxi riding serice to solve local transit accomadations, we improve the
lives of millions of people.



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Our Vision

Our focus is to create a innovative platform for users to complement
every travel need. Our vision is to make a difference in most engaging way. at right time and are always on-the-go to fulfill customers journey
We believe with this approach, a lot can be accomplished to
carry out travelscape in various aspects.



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Our Products


Daily Rides

OGO gives you to choose the perfect way to your
travel needs everyday.

Mini Cab | Sedan Cab | Bike Ride


Outstation Rides

OGO gives you to choose the perfect way to your
travel needs everyday.

One Way | Round Trip


Delivery Rides

OGO gives you to choose the perfect way to your travel needs everyday.

Shop Items | Send Items

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OGO Founders


Rahul Sharma



Ramkumar Varma

Co - Founder


Prata Singh

Co - Founder

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